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Snoek en Patatfees is Goedverwacht’s main annual event and is held in celebration of the survival of inhabitants of Goedverwacht (“kloewers” ). Now in its 17th year, it grows annually and has grown from 7500 people in 2010 to 10000 people in 2011.

Snoek en Patatfees is a fundraising initiative hosted by GTOF to  strengthen  and  support  various  organisations  and job creation projects in an effort  sustain and grow the economy  in Goedverwacht.

Some of the goals we hope to achieve:

1. Job  opportunities  by creating   a market for local produced products: Ovenbaked bread, vegetables , handmade products  etc.
2. Give tourism activities a boost during the off-season
3. Create a vibe where our guests experience our logo “want dis lekkig”  in terms of food, performances and our unique history and culture
4. Create a stage for local and upcoming artists

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